The Christmas Troll (Unabridged)


Written By: Eugene H. Peterson

Written By: Eugene H. Peterson

Length:27 min.

Customer Rating :1.0

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Audiobook Summary:It's Christmas Eve and Andrew is upset. His father won't let him open his gifts early. So Andrew and his little sister, Lindsay, run away to the woods. As they venture deeper into the forest, Andrew and Lindsay hear a thundering, gravelly voice, "Who's s-s-s-sitting on my b-b-b-belly?" It was a troll with orange spiky hair! The two siblings receive quite a fright until they realize the troll isn't mean at all. He's ugly, but nice. The funny-looking troll proves to be an incredible gift and makes Andrew revisit his feelings about presents and Christmas. The first children's book by acclaimed author and Bible translator Eugene H. Peterson, The Christmas Troll is a story that reminds readers young and old to keep their eyes open for God's most surprising gifts. "Gifts are for giving and receiving, not for grabbing and getting."