The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial (Dramatized)


Written By: Herman Wouk

Written By: Full Cast

Length:1 hour and 59 min.

Customer Rating :4.0

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Audiobook Summary:This acclaimed World War II psychological court room drama was the sensation of 1954. The play portrays a mutiny of naval officers aboard the U.S.S. Caine. Their suspicions concerning their captain's sanity lead to their rebellion and a subsequent court-martial. Starring (in alphabetical order): Nat Benchley as Captain Randolph Southard and the Court Stenographer Doug Brown as Signalman Third Class Junius Urban and Dr. Allen Winston Bird David Fendig as Lt. Stephen Maryk Bill Grimmette as Lt. (Jr. Grade) Willis Seward Keith and Dr. Forrest Lundeen Mitchell Hebert as Lt. Commander John Challee Bill Largess as Lt. Thomas Keefer Dan Lauria as Captain Blakely David Selby as Lt. Commander Philip Francis Queeg Josh Stamberg as Lt. Barney Greenwald