The Boy Who Never Grew Up (Unabridged)


Written By: David Handler

Written By: Tom Stechschulte

Length:13 hours and 34 min.

Customer Rating :4.67

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Audiobook Summary:When the cultured sleuth, Stewart Hoag, and his sensitive basset hound Lulu take on Hollywood, no one is safe from lampoonery. Hoagy was once hailed as a major new literary voice, but is now reduced to ghostwriting for celebrities. At the pleading of a smooth-talking studio exec, Hoagy heads to LA to take on his latest assignment. Matthew Wax, aging wunderkind of celluloid schmaltz, needs Hoagy to help him polish his tarnished public image. Wax's wife has left him and hired a notorious scum-raking hack to air the couple's dirty laundry. As Hoagy tries to accomplish the herculean task of finding the truth behind the House of Wax, Hoagy pines for his own estranged wife, an actress who's shooting on location in Fiji. This Edgar-winning author is sure to captivate you with his wry humor and sophistication. Tom Stechschulte's spirited performance of this hilarious spoof is more fun than a barrel of movie critics.