The Book on Leadership


Written By: John MacArthur

Written By: John MacArthur

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Audiobook Summary:In The Book on Leadership , best-selling author, pastor, and teacher John MacArthur sets the record straight. Leadership does not come from a job title. It isni??t a matter of personality or charisma. And it isni??t the same thing as iron-fisted authority. True leadership i?? the kind that refuses to bend to a shifting, fickle world i?? comes from a much deeper source. Based on the writings of one of the most effective spiritual leaders of all time i?? the apostle Paul i?? MacArthur presents the "26 Characteristics of a True Leader." Whether you are a business leader, civic leader, church leader, parent, teacher, or student, the life of Paul will empower you to unleash your own capacity for leadership.