The Big Idea: Focus the Message, Multiply the Impact: Leadership Network Innovation Series (Unabridged)


Written By: Dave FergusonJon FergusonEric Bramlett

Written By: Walter Dixon

Length:4 hours and 59 min.

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Audiobook Summary: Community Christian Church embraced the Big Idea and everything changed. They decided to avoid the common mistake of bombarding people with so many "little ideas" that they suffered overload. They also recognized that leaders often don't insist that the truth be lived out to accomplish Jesus' mission. Why? Because people's heads are swimming with too many little ideas, far more than they can ever apply. The Big Idea can help you creatively present one laser-focused theme each week to be discussed in families and small groups. The Big Idea will tell you how to engage in a process of creative collaboration that brings people together and maximizes missional impact. The Big Idea can energize a church staff and bring alignment and focus to many diverse church ministries. This book shows how the Big Idea has helped Community Christian Church better accomplish the Jesus mission. It has reached thousands of people in nine locations and launched a church planting network with partner churches across the country.

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