The Aspern Papers (Unabridged)


Written By: Henry James

Written By: Adrian Cronauer

Length:3 hours and 37 min.

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Audiobook Summary: An editor and literary critic becomes obsessed with the life and work of poet Jeffrey Aspern, who long ago died at a Romantic and tragic young age. Now, the editor pursues the only living person to have known Aspern - the 80-year-old Juliana Bordereau. But more than memories of Aspern, Juliana has secreted away papers belonging to the poet - papers she would rather see burned than passed on to future generations. As the editor roams the canals of Venice attempting to wheedle the papers out of the old woman, Juliana relives memories of the poet she knew for so long. Meanwhile, her live-in companion, her spinster cousin Miss Tita, plots an escape from her sheltered life. Could those notes and letters play a role in her escape? In his usual manner, Henry James weaves these strands together in a moment that culminates in a single withering glance.