The 7 Habits for Managers: Managing Yourself, Leading Others, Unleashing Potential


Written By: Stephen R. Covey

Written By: Stephen R. Covey

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Audiobook Summary:This audio is a synthesis of Stephen R. Covey's two day interactive and intensive workshop on leadership. In this audio program Dr. Covey teaches managers and leaders how to define their contributions, develop greater influence, leverage hidden resources, give constructive feedback, and unleash the full potential of their team against critical priorities. No organization has ever become great without exceptional leadership, without leaders who can connect the efforts of their teams to the critical objectives of the organization, who can tap the full potential of each individual on their team, who can align systems and clarify purposes, and who can inspire trust. Do your leaders put your organization on the road to greatness? Dr. Covey teaches leaders the proven principles of the 7 Habits as applied to their roles as leaders. It takes a leadership mind-set, skill-set, tool-set-7 Habits approach to developing leaders who can unleash the talent and capability of their team against the organization's highest priorities. The 7 Habits for Managers includes Dr. Covey on the 7 Habits as applied to managers and leaders and a powerful Q&A with Dr. Covey answering some of managers' toughest questions.