Subattraction Stop Smoking: Using Hypnosis & The Law of Attraction


Written By: Craig Beck

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Length:46 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: All problems and issues of scarcity in your life are simply the result of bad programming or erroneous beliefs in your subconscious. You can never break free from the illusion of any benefits you believe smoking delivers until you erase the internal programming that is preventing you from achieving your goal. Once you subconsciously believe there is no longer any positive benefit to smoking the Law of Attraction will take over and deliver the new you. Using powerful speed hypnosis Craig Beck subliminally reprograms your subconscious beliefs around smoking and cigarettes. Combing this unique technique with the ancient Hawaiian healing method of Hooponopono which allows you to experience amazing results in an incredibly short period of time. Quickly and easily break the smoking cycle Removes the need to use ineffective will-power Change to a none smoking based mentality Subconscious reprogramming audio tracks A short, relaxing audio track cleans your subconscious Written and produced to automatically deliver a healthy, smoke free life