Subattraction Attract Wealth: Using Hypnosis & The Law Of Attraction (Unabridged)


Written By: Craig Beck

Written By: Craig Beck

Length:36 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: Many people have read books such as The Secret or the classic Think And Grow Rich and set about trying the Law Of Attraction for themselves. The Law Of Attraction states whatever you give your attention to is what you attract into your life. Readers are advised to think more about what they want in life in order to bring those things closer using an automatic law of the universe. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of people trying the system will fail to achieve the life of abundance they dream of. As a built in protection system against the fallibility of the human ego the Law Of Attraction only works at a subconscious level... essentially you get what you believe you deserve and not what you think you deserve! All problems & issues of scarcity in your life are simply the result of bad programming or erroneous beliefs in your subconscious. You can never be wealthy until you erase the internal programming that is preventing you from achieving your goal: Attract unlimited streams of income Change to a wealth based mentality Subconscious reprogramming audio tracks A short, relaxing audio track cleans your subconscious Written & produced to attract wealth.