Stop Biting Your Nails: Be Proud of your Hands (Unabridged)


Written By: Lynda Hudson

Written By: Lynda Hudson

Length:20 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: Let go of old biting and picking habits; Absorb suggestions for caring for your hands; Feel proud of your increasingly well groomed hands; Relax comfortably and deeply; Cope more calmly with life's stresses and strains; Become more confident in your appearance and your inner self. Remember, regular listening is the key to success! This is a self-help hypnotherapy recording for adults and teenagers who are fed up with unsightly, and often painful, bitten nails and skin around their fingertips, and really want to do something about it. Gentle & relaxing, it helps you let go of tensions and negative feelings and begin to take on board powerful suggestions for getting rid of that old unwanted habit. For maximum benefit, listen to the recording, preferably daily, for about three weeks. Once you have noticed the changes in your impulses and in your hands and finger nails, it can be used every so often to support and maintain the changes. Mental rehearsal in an imaginative framework: After having received the gentle yet powerful, long-lasting suggestions for creating a new habit and increasing your confidence and belief in yourself, you are asked to imagine yourself with your new habit completely part of you. You feel a sense of pride in your well- groomed hands that not only look so much more attractive but feel so much more comfortable too. You are now giving an impression which is confident and personable. Successful approach: This kind of approach is completely natural and safe. Research shows that when a person first acts out each positive step in their imagination, it dramatically increases the likelihood of their success in the real world. It is also frequently used by sports men and women and performance artists worldwide to improve their technique and relieve anxiety. This recording contains powerful suggestions for boosting confidence and self-esteem. Lynda's gentle, well-modulated, English voice calms, re-assures and encourages.