Stay Married Forever: The Ultimate At-Home Study Course


Written By: Dr. Joey Faucette

Written By: Dr. Joey Faucette

Length:4 hours and 21 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: You've planned months for your wedding day. You've done everything - contracted a wedding coordinator, picked out dresses and tuxes, selected a caterer and menu, secured a facility, chose your flowers, bought the rings, auditioned musicians, mailed the invitations, and all you have left is to get the license. Stop and think for a moment - is that really all that's left? You prepared for one day of your life. But what about the rest of the days of your husband and wife? Are you prepared to stay married forever ? OR... maybe you're already married and all that's left of your wedding day is a photo album and a preserved dress. It all passed so quickly, even the honeymoon, and the reality of clothes left lying around and morning breath and a host of other hidden flaws have emerged ove the years, way more real than you ever imagined. Were you ready for this? What is it that will keep you together "until death do us part?" Are you prepared to stay married forever? This audiobook is your ultimate at-home study course for you and your spouse to discover those habits and practices of successfully married couples who stay married forever. Marriage Coach Dr. Joey Faucette has studied these couples for three decades and discovered they live out of the CORE of their relationship. They understand: C: Conflict Management. How to disagree agreeably. O: Opposites Attract. How to use your differences as strengths. R: Relevant Issues. There are predictable issues every couple must deal with. E: Express Yourself. Accurate communication is an integral part of a happy marriage. Discover how you and your spouse can Stay Married Forever starting today!