Start with Me: A Modern Parable (Unabridged)


Written By: Michael Seaton

Written By: Renee Raudman

Length:5 hours and 2 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: C2, Zondervan, and World Vision are teaming together on the most ambitious and ecumenical curriculum promoting Christian social responsibility and justice ever conceived. This is a topic that has been building a great deal of buzz within the ranks of Church leadership, but has not yet ignited as an action-based movement among North American Christians. That's 77 million potential Good Samaritans sitting in the pews. And the time is now. The people are ready. The market is ready for the book, START -- becoming a Good Samaritan. START's headliner curriculum brings together topical experts, theologians, mega-church pastors, front-line workers, victims, encouragers, and even "unknowns" to offer a complete picture of the problem and a practical understanding of how to be a Good Samaritan right now, right where each of us lives. We are all too painfully aware that the Church today is not known as aGood Samaritan. We're known more as the priest or the Levite from the story - or worse. Rick Warren put his finger on the aching need for this curriculum and book when he said, "It's time for a second reformation, not one of theology, but of works."

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