Spiritual Reflections from Combat: The Bill Schiebler Story


Written By: Ronald James Duffy

Written By: Jack Doepke

Length:58 min.

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Audiobook Summary:In 1965, Bill Schiebler, 24, was a first lieutenant sent to fight in the central highlands of Vietnam with the First Air Cavalry Division. After more than five months of ferocious combat, Schiebler was one of just four soldiers left from the 186 men who were part of his original Rifle Company. Schiebler was wounded over 10 times, receiving four purple hearts and a bronze star for valor. In combat, Schiebler had to kill many - most likely over 100 enemy North Vietnamese soldiers, and only survive himself through a series of what Schiebler considers "miracles." Today, Bill Schiebler lives in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, is a grandfather, marriage counselor, and suffers from multiple sclerosis. This Vietnam veteran shares some of his remarkable and painful experiences in the hope his story will help others learn, heal, and move on to achieve a richer, more meaningful life.

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