Spiritual Authority (Unabridged)


Written By: Watchman Nee

Written By: Michael Kramer

Length:6 hours and 5 min.

Customer Rating :4.7

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Audiobook Summary:Nee-To-Sheng of Foochow, China is best known as Watchman Nee to hundreds of thousands of Christians around the world who have encountered his work. Those who pick up this work Spiritual Authority will forever remember the power with which he creates. Watchman Nee's situation in life provided for Him a perspective on authority that few Westerners experience today. In his native China, Nee was under the constant watch of secular authorities and often suffered for his unabashed stance as a Christian. His ability to speak thoughtfully and humbly about the value of God's authority exercised in our lives is a testimony to his maturity as a believer. Spiritual Authority will challenge everyone who takes time to thoughtfully consider it.

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