Sparkle: Reflecting Purity in Today's World


Written By: Connie S. Firmin

Written By: Laura Wagner

Length:1 hour and 57 minutes

Customer Rating :3.7

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Audiobook Summary: In her inspirational book Sparkle, Connie Firmin tackles the tough topic of purity in a sex-saturated world that believes in no limits. Discover the shimmering truth of what the Bible says about purity, how to fuel up and maintain your spiritual heart, and what real beauty is. Connie also tackles tips on challenges and pressures teens face, dating, and what to look for in Mr. Right. Sparkle will inspire you to seek purity as you live the life that God intends for you. When you are empowered with the truth, you will see that purity is much more than a casual decision - it's a lifestyle!

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