Soul Catcher (Unabridged)


Written By: Michael C. White

Written By: William Dufris

Length:15 hours and 56 min.

Customer Rating :3.56

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Audiobook Summary:Cain is a scarred but proud man haunted by a terrible skill: the ability to track people who don't want to be found. Rosetta is a runaway slave fueled by the passion and determination only a mother can feel. And she will risk everything for the promise of freedom. In the perilous years before the Civil War, their fates will intertwine in an unforgettable journey, one of hardship and redemption that will take them from Virginia to Boston and back - an odyssey that will change them forever. Michael C. White has written beautiful novels before, including the acclaimed A Dream of Wolves , yet none has prepared us for the sheer scope and drama of this new tale, a dazzling tapestry of imagination and character, atmosphere, and emotion. Poignant and utterly compelling, it is a story to be savored and remembered.