Silicon Gold Rush: The Next Generation of High-Tech Stars Rewrites the Rules (Unabridged)


Written By: Karen Southwick

Written By: Sneha Mathan

Length:8 hours and 11 min.

Customer Rating :2.33

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Audiobook Summary:The high-technology industry has given rise to a pioneering group of entrepreneurs and executives that is not only behind today's most innovative technological advances but also at the forefront of a dynamic new movement in business. Having helped their own organizations survive and thrive in a competitive, pressure-filled arena, these visionary leaders offer invaluable lessons for executives and managers in all industries. Now, in Silicon Gold Rush , their inspirational stories are told and their strategies for success revealed. Providing valuable insights into a myriad of key issues, from nurturing creativity and motivating employees to finding new markets and weathering tough times, this audiobook examines the maverick leadership techniques that are finding their way into mainstream corporate culture, with far-reaching consequences.

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