See How Gorgeous You Are (Unabridged)


Written By: Noa Rom

Written By: Liat Shnapp

Length:6 hours and 21 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: The heroine of Everything Will Be Great Until the Bat-Mitzvah is now 15 years old. Her girlfriends have all scattered in different high schools, and now she's facing a new beginning alone. The book accompanies Noga and her friends Ofir- Noga's closest friend for many years - and Tal, a daughter to a single mother conceived from a sperm donation, which she'll get to meet in high school. Together, they'll have a thrilling year of adolescence with both physical and emotional changes. With a sharp tongue and a humorous tone Noga tells us about the difficulties of forming new relationships and the excitement and anxiety of first love, the heartbreaks and the attempt to make it through the first year of high school. This is Noa Rom's second book, a sequel to Everything Will Be Great Until the Bat-Mitzvah . The author is an Israeli journalist, editor and academic teacher. Please note: This audiobook is in Hebrew.