Secrets of the Female Sexual Response


Written By: Laura M. Brotherson

Written By: Laura M. Brotherson

Length:1 hour

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Audiobook Summary:In this live presentation, author and intimacy educator Laura M. Brotherson enthusiastically shares many secrets about sex and intimacy that will enlighten and inspire couples to create a fun and mutually fulfilling sexual relationship. Husbands and wives will both benefit from better understanding the unique sexual wiring of women. Learn what is missing from the clinical model of the sexual response that is vital for women, in order for them to fully engage in and enjoy lovemaking. Learn what kind of sexual stimulation is often missing for women who have not yet experienced the ecstasy of orgasm. You'll love this jam-packed presentation that will set your relationship on fire. Laura M. Brotherson is a marriage and family life educator, and the author of a best-selling book on sexual intimacy and marital ONEness entitled And They Were Not Ashamed - Strengthening Marriage through Sexual Fulfillment . Laura shares her passion for building strong marriages and families as an author, intimacy educator, podcaster, and relationship consultant. Laura and her husband, Kevin, are the founders of Strengthening Marriage, Inc.