Secrets of Spiritual Success: The Lost Elements of Enlightenment


Written By: Guy Finley

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Length:7 hours and 43 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: Realize a genuine success that is perfect, confident, and totally secure! Discover the secrets of awakening a new part of yourself that can brighten and empower every area of your life - both in the material world, and in higher worlds as well. You can: Feel new confidence and self-command Make wise choices Free yourself of stress, fear, and past mistakes Have new purpose and significance in your life Know a love that never fails you Find out exactly how in Secrets of Spiritual Success: The Lost Elements of Enlightenment , a seven-hour audio album that was recorded live during Guy Finley's 2010 Talks in the Pines 5-Day Workshop. This audio program is a complete "higher education" in self-realization.You will want to refer back to these talks again and again as you feel the weight lifting from your heart and a new kind of happiness and deep satisfaction penetrate your being! Talk 1: "Three Words That Lead to Self-Liberation". The only thing ever gained by allowing any psychological pain to tell you what to do about itself is... more of the same. Talk 2: "Relax Your Way into Self-Realization". It is impossible to want something out of any given moment and enjoy it at the same time. Talk 3: "Let Go of What's Useless and Walk Lightly Through Life". Nothing can stop us from becoming new as long as we grow, daily, increasingly weary of dragging our old self along. Talk 4: "Free Yourself From the 'Anti-Change' Factor". No condition, in and of itself, is ever the cause of psychological pain; suffering of this kind is inherent in the level of consciousness that resists changing conditions instead of using them to change itself! Talk 5: "Fulfill Your True Purpose and Find the Power to Be Free". The only thing we really 'win' in any temporary victory over life, which is paid for by agreeing to be angry, aggressive, or otherwise ache, is this dark and unseen guaran...