Scott's Last Expedition: The Journals of Robert Scott


Written By: Robert Scott

Written By: David Horovitch

Length:7 hours and 17 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: Captain Robert Scott's final journey to the South Pole has been called one of history's greatest tales of adventure. And his journals are among the most dramatic and moving documents in the English language. Sensitively read by David Horovitch, this new audio adaptation starts in 1910 as Scott's ship, the Terra Nova, sets sail from New Zealand. Then in vivid, conversational style details the dangerous journey through the ice to Antarctica, the winter hibernation in 24-hour darkness, and the final journey to and from the Pole. A remarkable story of courage, it ends with Scott's last tragic diary entry on the 29th March 1912, when he, Wilson and Bowers, out of food, sheltering from the raging blizzard outside their tent, calmly await their deaths.