'Sam, This Is You' and 'The Other Now' (Unabridged)


Written By: Murray Leinster

Written By: Mac Kelly

Length:1 hour and 5 minutes

Customer Rating :3.33

Retail Price:$6.41


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Audiobook Summary:Two classic tales from the Dean of Science Fiction - Murray Leinster. "Sam, This Is You" is a humorous look at Sam, a telephone lineman and inventor. Sam's invented a device to talk to himself back in time. Unfortunately, Sam's main interest is courting Rosie, and his love life is being sabotaged by his worst enemy - his future self. "The Other Now" is a poignant love story. When Jimmy Patterson loses his beloved wife, Jane, in a car accident, he believes he begins to get messages from her. Can their love be enough to reunite them?

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