Saints: The Pocket Essential Guide (Unabridged)


Written By: Giles Morgan

Written By: Joy Gelardi

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For huge numbers of individuals, saints supply comfort, hope and inspiration and action as intercessors to God. But while the earliest saints and martyrs served an basically spiritual function within society their effect and influence can also be seen today throughout the modern secular world.

The expression st comes in the Latin phrase 'sanctus' significance Holy. Many of the primary sts were Christian martyrs who died for their beliefs. The narratives of the lives of the saints and the various facets of these cults underpin many of the fundamental theories of the modern world. From the little known Christian figure that gave his title to St Valentine's Day to the mysterious St Nicholas or Santa Claus, saints continue being invoked in the most commercial and arguably spiritually sterile of settings.

Saints carry on to serve as patrons of nations, vocations, and vocations and provide help with health-related, private and spiritual issues. The differing roles of saints ranges from the surprising, including the archangel Gabriel being patron saint of broadcasters, to the bizarre, with St Quentin serving as the patron saint of locksmiths.

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