Rip-Roaring Job Wealth: Succeeding in Any Economy


Written By: Mark Victor Hansen

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Length:37 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: Providing for you and your loved ones is crucial to being a strong and contributing member of society. Job security is becoming harder to come by, but so are people like you. Today's employer is demanding more from their employees than ever before, so knowing what they want can literally change your life and give you rip-roaring job wealth and security. Once you know how to work your job as much as it works you, you take control, and turn the tables in your favor. Get the recognition and appreciation you deserve at work. This audio is a vital link to improving your wealth whether you are on a job, between jobs, have your eye on a promotion, or simply want to make some extra money from home in your spare time. Mark Victor Hansen takes the guesswork out of having rip-roaring job wealth, and making yourself indispensable and highly paid at work.