Riding the Bullet (Unabridged)


Written By: Stephen King

Written By: Josh Hamilton

Length:1 hour and 33 min.

Customer Rating :3.76

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Audiobook Summary:A Stephen King ghost story in the grand tradition, Riding the Bullet is the ultimate warning about the dangers of hitchhiking. A college student's mother is dying in a Maine hospital. When he hitches a ride to see her, the driver is not who he appears to be. Soon the journey veers off into a dark landscape that could only be drawn by Stephen King. Riding the Bullet attracted over half a million online readers when it was released as an e-book, becoming the most famous short story of the decade. These unabridged selections also appear in the print edition of Everything's Eventual. More unabridged stories from Everything's Eventual are available in Blood and Smoke, The Man in the Black Suit, LT's Theory of Pets, and Everything's Eventual.