Richard Branson: 7 Lessons from the World's Most Popular Billionaire (Unabridged)


Written By: Jamie McIntyre

Written By: Jamie McIntyre

Length:35 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: Jamie McIntyre, CEO of 21st Century Education and best-selling author of What I Didn't Learn at School but Wish I Had , shares the key lessons he learned from his business mentor, Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin Group. These lessons have enabled Jamie to build and consolidate over a dozen companies across a range of industries under the same brand. Eight of Jamie's companies became million-dollar success stories, with some surpassing the $30-million mark - all before Jamie's 40th birthday. These powerful strategies are broken into replicatable steps - all of them modelled on Branson's success. It may not lead you to becoming a billionaire entreprenuer like Branson himself - but what if you achieved just a fraction of Branson's success?