Relationships as a Bridge to Divine Love


Written By: Barbara DeAngelisPh.D. and Deepak ChopraM.D.

Written By: Barbara DeAngelisPh.D. and Deepak ChopraM.D.

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Audiobook Summary:Best-selling author and well-known radio and television personality Barbara De Angelis is one of America's leading experts on relationships and personal growth. In this fascinating audio program, she joins Dr. Deepak Chopra to discuss the connection between human relationships and a connection with God. After a lifetime of focusing on the topic, De Angelis has come to an important conclusion: "Whatever the question, love is the answer!" In her heartwarming and humorous style, she explains that everything we do, and every relationship we enter into, is compelled by that longing for union or oneness. "We look for so much outside of ourselves. It's natural, it's tempting, and yet that joy, that oneness, that love we are all seeking absolutely is hidden in the human heart." De Angelis says that if you want to make the people in your life feel loved, then bestow the three 'A's (attention, affection, and appreciation) upon them. You'll never regret it.