Redcap (Unabridged)


Written By: Brian Callison

Written By: Terry Wale

Length:9 hours and 15 min.

Customer Rating :3.0

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Audiobook Summary:Bill Walker, a veteran Royal Military Police staff sergeant, carries a dual burden. The first is to maintain his hard-as-nails Redcap image, at odds with the real Walker. The second is simply to stay alive, not easy when his commanding officer has sworn to destroy him. With the system on his side, Major Steadman, a psychotic killer, holds all the cards. The trouble is, only Walker is aware of the Major's darker side. Worse, he has no hard evidence to prove that Steadman has committed one of the most dreadful of crimes. But then, following a terrorist attack, a further atrocity is perpetrated, and this time Walker can't turn a blind eye.

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