Rage of Angels


Written By: Sidney Sheldon

Written By: Susannah York

Length:13 hours and 34 min.

Customer Rating :3.83

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Audiobook Summary:Jennifer Parker, a brilliant and beautiful young lawyer, survives shattering career setbacks to become one of the most successful defense attorneys in America. Jennifer's strength and beauty win the love of 2 powerful men, but earn her the implacable hatred of a third. Adam Warner, man of integrity, born to lead his country, is tied by honor and obligation to his wife. Michael Moretti, compelling Mafia boss, nearly destroys Jennifer's career before it begins. Robert DiSilva, the D.A. who fought his way to the top, neither forgets nor forgives those who cross him. Superman's Susannah York narrates this timely and memorable tale of a modern-day heroine. This title is also available in Spanish as Venganza de Angeles .