Quodlibet: Poems of Celebration, Challenge and Comedy (Unabridged)


Written By: Lance Barrett

Written By: Shawna Windom

Length:36 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: Quodlibet (kwod'l?-bet'): a theological or philosophical issue presented for formal argument or disputation; a usually humorous musical melody. Reading like a recipe including plenty of thought-provoking theology, a handful of double entendre, layers of perspective, and a dash of humor for a slightly thicker flavor, author Lance Barrett's poetic devices memorialize the daily challenges, failures, and successes of striving to become Christ-like. With a buffet of rhyming wonders, haikus, and aesthetically enticing words of wisdom and wit, Barrett offers a feast that will guide readers toward faith, hope, and the ability to love sacrificially. Creating what can only be considered an interpretation of the classic lyrical formulas, Quodlibet presents the emblematic characteristics of the Christian life. Ranging from poems under an overarching theme of goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, Barrett's work will lead listeners to a deeper understanding of the greatest composer of rhyme and reason - God.