Position Power and Humility - The Greatest Force on Earth: The 30-Minute 'New Breed of Leader' Success Series


Written By: Sheila Murray Bethel

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Length:33 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: Combining personal power, position power, and humility becomes the greatest force on earth. You can move mountains. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt did it, and you can too. The true measure of leadership is your ability to influence others to take new actions, think new thoughts and build a shared sense of purpose. Learn from Bill Pollard, CEO of The Service Master Co., how humility is the trademark of a servant leader. Fill your leadership toolbox with immediately usable ideas and actions from globally acknowledged leadership and change expert Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel, author of A New Breed Of Leader. Some of the topics covered: Myth or reality...the truth about individual position power How to use unofficial position power to support, not undermine, your organization The importance of sharing and giving up power How to be that rare leader, one who purposely builds successors Why the future of collaborative power will be key to your leadership legacy