Playing in Traffic (Unabridged)


Written By: Gail Giles

Written By: Andy Karl

Length:3 hours and 24 min.

Customer Rating :3.0

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Audiobook Summary: "I was the ghost of school corridors. Skye was the devil. And I was doomed from the day she spoke to me." Skye Colby? She's the multi-pierced, multi-tattooed girl hanging around the cybercafes; always out at odd hours in marginal places. The testosterone-fueled jocks call her slut puppy; the bland blondes in the plaid skirts wrinkle their snub noses in distaste; the teachers call her brilliant - and the counselors call her unstable. She is all that. So why has she singled out Matt Lathrop, an almost invisible nobody, for special attention? Clearly, she has a dangerous agenda, but how can Matt resist the mystery and drama Skye trails in her Goth wake? She promises a way out of his dreary existence - but at what price? This gripping page-turner will propel you from one surprising revelation to the next - right to the shocking ending. The newest psychological thriller from Gail Giles, who was called "a writer to watch" by Kirkus Reviews .