Performance Under Pressure


Written By: Terry LylesPh.D.

Written By: Terry LylesPh.D.

Length:25 min.

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Audiobook Summary:September 11, 2001, occurred without warning, leaving America and the world in a state of shock and confusion. The aftermath of that terrible moment has forever changed the way we approach our everyday lives. While national security was compromised, and our way of life threatened, we refuse to live in a state of fear. Performance Under Pressure is a system of human performance enhancement developed by Dr. Terry Lyles. For the past decade, Dr. Lyles has trained thousands across America, and provided specialized training at Ground Zero after 9/11 to fire, rescue, and FEMA workers, employees, and the business community. Dr. Lyles shares his unique approach to mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical alignment in developing life toughness in order to thrive, and not wilt, under pressure upon demand.