Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist with Hypnosis


Written By: Benjamin P. Bonetti

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Length:40 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: Do you avoid dental appointments? Are you suffering oral discomfort un-necessarily? Has it been years since you last saw an Oral Hygienist? Are you fearful of the dentist? Did you know that the fear of the dentist affects one in four people within the UK! So if this is you, you are not alone. The good news is that hypnosis can help! As with any type of anxiety, there are varying degrees of fear of the dentist. The most common, and least severe, is simply a fear of the unknown. This may arise if you've heard horror stories from other people or you're worried about what could happen. The next level of fear is dental fear, which is a reaction to a known danger. For example, you may have had a tooth removed and experienced some pain. As a result, you may worry about experiencing it again. Dental phobia is similar to dental fear but is more severe. It's often the result of a bad past experience. For some people, dental phobia can be so crippling that simply seeing a toothpaste advert or a dental surgery can cause distress. Within this professionally recorded hypnosis audio, Benjamin Bonetti covers all aspects of your fear and works with your subconscious mind to re-align and reprogram your thinking patterns associated with the dentist. Benjamin Bonetti's self-help tools have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world, offering simple solutions for lasting change. Over the years, the Benjamin Bonetti range has been described by its users as 'Dynamic, Positive, Intelligent, Functional, Fun, Energetic and Interactive.