Out of the Blue (Unabridged)


Written By: Katherine Deauxville

Written By: Dylan Jones

Length:8 hours and 51 minutes

Customer Rating :3.7

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Audiobook Summary: When she woke up that morning, Maryellen wasn't sure whether to call the Men in Black or the men in the white coats - all she knew was that she was having an incredibly alien experience. The voice that came out of her mouth wasn't hers (she certainly wouldn't swear like that, or in an extraterrestrial tongue!) and though the hand exploring her breast was her own, she'd never had the urge to do that before.... Her sister said she was working too hard, that Manhattan was finally getting to her. She claimed that all this talk of Sub-commander Ur Targon was silly, that the man's supposed quest for "Styrex Three" was simply the last alarm bell of Maryellen's biological clock. But how could either of them deny what was inside of her? (Especially when it was a golden god who promised to make her see stars?) Maryellen had to get Targon out of her body and heart. If he needed her enough, he could find his own way back in.