Offices & Office Spaces (Unabridged)


Written By: Deaver Brown

Written By: Deaver Brown

Length:1 hour and 23 minutes

Customer Rating :3.7

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Audiobook Summary: This audiobook focuses first on the strategic issues concerning your organization with regard to its development and what tactics are most productive regarding your office space (including home offices as well). The author points out that most organizations just "get an office" without thinking through their requirements for the people who will populate that office. Much management and employee effectiveness is lost in this way; it is also a huge waste of money and resources. People are the largest expense in most modern businesses that do not have factories and warehouses. Offices are the second largest expense, and their entire purpose is to make people more effective and productive. So, the author emphasizes thinking first about what needs to be done, what type of offices would be most effective for your people, and only then focusing on the office issue itself. The author suggests that a hybrid organization may work best with a core headquarters and satellite home offices to help individual contributors to be most productive while enabling headquarters to avoid losing energy and productivity though supervising employees on site. Then the author suggests numerous tips and ideas to make your office, and home-office workers spaces, most productive - something few other authors focus on. Simply's Manage Your Home Office audiobook is strongly suggested as a second work to help make your offices more productive. A third suggestion is Business Start-up , which discusses offices with regard to expense, cashflow, and productivity for the emerging enterprise.