No Room for Error: Covert Operations of America's Special Tactics Units from Iran to Afghanistan (Unabr.)


Written By: Colonel John T. CarnetJr.and Benjamin F. Schemmer

Written By: Patrick Girard Lawlor

Length:10 hours and 24 min.

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Audiobook Summary:When the U.S. Air Force decided to create an elite "special tactics" team in the late 1970s to work with special-operations forces, John T. Carney was the man they turned to. Since then Carney and the U.S. Air Force Special Tactical units have circled the world on clandestine missions. They have combated terrorists and overthrown dangerous dictators. They have suffered 18 times the casualty rate of America's conventional forces. But they have gotten the job done. Now, for the first time, Colonel Carney lifts the veil of secrecy and reveals what really goes on inside the special-operations forces that are at the forefront of contemporary warfare.