No More Mr. Nice Guy: Hypnosis Help for Assertiveness, Subconscious, Self Help, Guided Meditation (Unabridged)


Written By: Erick Brown

Written By: Erick Brown

Length:2 hours and 30 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: Everyone wants to be perceived as nice, but have you taken nice too far? Do people see you as a pushover? Maybe you find it hard to stand up for yourself because you're afraid of what people will think about you. Do you wish at times that you were more assertive and could be better at vocalizing the things you want? You can be, and hypnosis can help! Many people have a hard time believing that what they want is worthwhile, but by using the No More Mr. Nice Guy hypnosis collection, you will learn how to value your desires and what it takes for you to make those desires happen, even under opposition. Discover how to compromise instead of just giving in to those that disagree with you. With the No More Mr. Nice Guy collection, you will find the strength you need to stand up for yourself so you can be proud of who you are - a strong, confident person. This powerful collection combines state-of-the-art audio hypnosis tracks by Hypnotherapist Erick Brown with supplemental tracks that will help you to achieve your goals with total ease and confidence. It is suggested to listen to No More Mr. Nice Guy for 21 days in a row to yield the best results. Includes: Recording 1: Hypnosis Instructions Recording 2: "No More Mr. Nice Guy" Recording 3: Bonus Track: "Confidence and Self Esteem" Recording 4: Calming Brainwave Therapy