Nikita Khrushchev: The Leaders Series (Dramatized)


Written By: Alan Reid

Written By: Stephen Thorne and Full Cast

Length:55 min.

Customer Rating :3.33

Retail Price:$9.60


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Audiobook Summary:Nikita Krushchev: a miner's son, a rough and simple peasant, a revolutionary, an ardent party worker, and eventually one of the two most powerful men in the world. A cheerful figure at ease among cornfields, or on a factory floor; or hostile at the United Nations, taunting and accusing the West. On a state visit to the USA, he famously said, "We will bury you"; at the UN he once removed a shoe to bang it on the desk to make a point. He sparked the Cuban missile crisis that almost led to nuclear war and was responsible for the erection of the Berlin Wall. This intriguing audio biography tells of the fears and conspiracies abounding in the post-war Soviet Union during this charismatic figure's 10 tumultuous years in the Kremlin. The part of Nikita Krushchev is played by Michael Sheard, with other parts played by Michael Burrell, Shirley Dixon, and Michael Kilgarriff.

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