Nerve Mobilization of the Upper Extremity: A Review of Current Research (Unabridged)


Written By: PT Caroline Joy Co

Written By: Brian D'eon

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Audiobook Summary: Injuries to the peripheral nervous system often result in significant deterioration of the regular activities. Many of the peripheral nerve injuries in the upper extremity are commonly associated with altered shoulder postures and functional imbalance in the arm, forearm, and hand. It is essential to know about the basics of the nervous system - the neuropathology, the transmission of pain and movement dysfunction - before initiating nerve mobilization procedure. ,p>The movement of the nerves or nerve fibers can result in changes on the internal nerve physiology by altering the neural tension. Neural mobilization aims at relieving such changes in the nerve physiology to relieve the symptoms of pain and restriction of mobility. It is also vital to have a clear idea about the principles, guidelines, precautions and contraindications of nerve mobilization for better utilization of this procedure.