Mystery Stories of Violet Strange (Unabridged)


Written By: Anna Katharine Green

Written By: Shelly Frasier

Length:9 hours and 31 min.

Customer Rating :3.64

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Audiobook Summary:Violet Strange is no ordinary well-to-do young New York City debutante. Unbeknownst to family and society friends, she leads a secret life as a professional sleuth for a private detective agency. On a mission to raise money for an undisclosed project, the determined and gutsy young debutante diligently snoops around sleepwalking widows, violent and sinister characters, whispering clocks and concealed tombs, connecting clues to solve tales of murder, mystery and intrigue. The quirky tales of detection include: The Golden Slipper The Second Bullet The Intangible Clew The Grotto Spectre The Dreaming Lady The House of Clocks The Doctor, His Wife, and the Clock Missing: Page Thirteen Violet's Own

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