More 2 in 1 Yoga for Weight Loss: Instructional Yoga Class and Guide Book.


Written By: Sue Fuller

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Length:59 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: The Yoga 2 Hear More 2 in 1 Yoga for Weight Loss class has been created to provide a progression from the first class in the series and to allow exposure to a broader range of highly effective, stronger, more advanced postures that are suitable for those with previous yoga experience. The class uses postures that stimulate the digestive system and increase levels of oxygen which raises metabolic rate allowing you to burn calories faster. The postures will also strengthen tone and re-shape all the major muscle groups and increase energy levels whilst reducing stress and tension. Higher energy levels will help to regulate your eating and minimise cravings for high calorie foods and drinks. More 2 in 1 Yoga for Weight Loss can be used in two ways. Firstly, as a full 60 minute class that begins with a number of carefully selected held postures. The pace and intensity of the class then increases as the postures are linked together to form a flowing Yoga Vinyasa before the class ends with a guided relaxation. Secondly, just the Vinyasa and relaxation sections can be followed to form a shorter 30 minute class that is ideal if time is of the essence. The clear, easy-to-follow class instructions are combined with subtle atmospheric background music that sets a perfect mood for the class. A printable PDF guidebook which highlights the instruction and provides a series of reference photos for each posture accompanies the class. More 2 in 1 Yoga for Weight Loss is devised and instructed by Sue Fuller. Sue is widely recognised as a leading yoga teacher, writer and training course author. She is also the resident yoga expert at Natural Health Magazine. Yoga 2 Hear classes are effective and practical. Unlike DVD based classes, Yoga 2 Hear classes cause no visual distraction. This allows you to focus 100% on the expert instruction, your breathing and on how your body feels within the postures.