Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme, Week 3 (Unabridged)


Written By: Richard Parkes Cordock

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Length:2 hour 37 minutes

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Audiobook Summary:Week 3: Learn the Fundamentals of Being a Successful Business Owner. With Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme you will have 25 ultra-successful entrepreneurs (including five Entrepreneur of the Year-winners) and four international business gurus "on-tap" to guide you to ultimate success in your own business. Never before has such a gathering of like-minded business owners come together in one place, creating a valuable reservoir of knowledge and experience, to help you discover the repeatable and consistent rules of small and medium-sized business. This audiobook also comes with a free workbook to accompany the course which you can download by clicking on this link Free workbook You can now apply proven accelerated learning techniques which will enable you to "reprogramme your own mind" and achieve outstanding results in your own business venture. Day 11, Communication: Become a master communicator; learn how to persuade, influence, and motivate others Day 12, People and Teams: Discover the secret to becoming a great leader of teams Day 13, Goals and Focus: Learn how to reach your goals consistently and develop laser sharp focus; set your own goals and program your subconscious mind to achieve them Day 14, Stress and Pressure: Learn how to remove the stress from stressful situations; discover the one secret that helps all entrepreneurs cope when all is going wrong Day 15, Time Management, Self Discipline, and Sacrifice: Learn how to get more out of each 24-hours; make two simple changes which will dramatically improve your results in your own business