Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme, Week 2 (Unabridged)


Written By: Richard Parkes Cordock

Written By: Various

Length:2 hour 37 minutes

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Audiobook Summary:Week 2: Learn the Fundamentals of Being a Successful Business Owner. With Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme you will have 25 ultra-successful entrepreneurs (including five Entrepreneur of the Year-winners) and four international business gurus "on-tap" to guide you to ultimate success in your own business. Never before has such a gathering of like-minded business owners come together in one place, creating a valuable reservoir of knowledge and experience, to help you discover the repeatable and consistent rules of small and medium-sized business. This audiobook also comes with a free workbook to accompany the course which you can download by clicking on this link Free workbookYou can now apply proven accelerated learning techniques which will enable you to "reprogramme your own mind" and achieve outstanding results in your own business venture. Day 6, Habits & Systems: Reprogamme yourself with the successful habits and repeatable systems of self-made millionaires Day 7, Confidence and Self Belief: Develop unshakable confidence and self belief; fast track your vocabulary as an entrepreneur; discover how you will know if your business or new venture will succeed or fail Day 8, Risk Taking and Judgement: Develop a killer attitude to risk and management Day 9, Fears and Limiting Beliefs: Conquer your fears and limiting beliefs; eliminate doubt from your mind Day 10, Persistence and No: Develop iron strong persistence; learn to never accept no for an answer