Memory and Learning for Success: How to learn and recall the information you need for success


Written By: Jane Smith

Written By: Jane Smith

Length:1 hour 14 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: Memory and Learning for Success is designed for anyone who wants to improve their capacity to remember. By applying the skills you'll learn in this concise audiobook, you'll be able to constantly perform at peak levels and regularly succeed in areas that once seemed impossible. You will gain tremendous benefits from training your memory, no matter what your age or circumstances. Author and presenter Jane Smith is a founder partner of the training company Word Smiths ( She is passionate about helping people to improve their confidence and learn new skills. As a trainer, her particular expertise is in helping people to learn to read faster, use Mind Maps for memory, and develop a more professional and consistent communication style. She is a talented and creative instructional designer with long experience of writing e-learning and classroom training materials for diverse audiences. Other business/personal development audiobooks by Jane Smith include Speed Reading for Success, Effective Business Writing for Success , and Coaching & Mentoring for Success . All of these titles are available from Audible.