Mastering Influence: The Art and Skill of Using Power Wisely: The 30-Minute 'New Breed of Leader' Success Series


Written By: Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel

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Length:33 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: Power is the prime mover of people and events. It is inherent in leadership... you can't lead effectively without it. Twenty-first-century leaders who make the greatest contribution will be those who take the time and make the effort to build the art and skill of using power wisely. Go right to the core of power with a lesson from Clint Eastwood - actor, director and former Mayor of Carmel, California. Let global leadership and change expert Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel, author of A New Breed of Leader, be your guide to better understand of the wise use of power. Some of the topics covered: Learn a vital key about power from former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and President Dwight Eisenhower Define what it means to use power wisely and how it increases your influence Gain insights about how power helps you and your teams achieve a larger purpose Explore how and why the highest and best use of power is to direct others and help them achieve their full potential Gain a clear understanding of the difference between the job of management and the power of leadership