Making the Most of Change: The Three Essential Ingredients for Leading Real Change (Unabridged)


Written By: Timothy Dobbins

Written By: Timothy Dobbins

Length:32 min.

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Audiobook Summary:Do you have a new boss? Or does your boss have a new boss? Is the person who was in the office next to you yesterday suddenly gone? Is the knot of anxiety in your stomach getting tighter? Change is everywhere. In this original message for Audible listeners, noted business and leadership strategist Timothy Dobbins uses his real-life experiences to illuminate the impact of change in the workplace. Dobbins argues that the time of transition is the most important part of any change, and that real leaders can emerge from that process. He believes there are three essential ingredients for leading successful transitions in the workplace: passion, courage, and wisdom. In this Audible original, Making the Most of Change , Dobbins tells three stories illustrating how those ingredients can make change work for you rather than against you.