Magick, Nazis and the Occult: The Alchemical World of Frabato (Unabridged)


Written By: Martin Faulks

Written By: Martin FaulksLumir Bardon

Length:1 hour and 3 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: Born in 1909 in Opava, in the Czech Republic (former Czechoslovakia), Franz Bardon dedicated his entire life to the study of the mystical arts. He toured Czechoslovakia giving demonstrations of his spiritual abilities under the stage name "Frabato." When conventional medicine failed them, Franz used his mystical knowledge to treat patients at his naturopathic clinic. Persecuted by both the Nazis and Communist regimes, attacked by a Satanic Lodge (known as FOGC), Franz Bardon's life came to an end on July 10th 1958 in a concentration camp. Join the adventure as Martin Faulks, a dedicated student of Franz Bardon's works, travels to the Czech Republic on a Hermetic pilgrimage to the places where the Master worked, lived and perfected his art. In this program, Martin Faulks interviews Franz Bardon's son, Lumir, to get closer to the man behind the mystery.