Love is the Best Medicine (Unabridged)


Written By: Dr. Len Horowitz

Written By: Dr. Len HorowitzTheo Chalmers

Length:1 hour and 33 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: Dr. Len Horowitz is a physician, best-selling author, humanitarian, public health expert, behavioural scientist and speaks on issues of health across the world. In 1999 the World Natural Health Organization awarded him Author of the Year. In 2006 they called him one of the world's leading intellects. Having dozens of best-selling books to his name, such as Emerging Viruses: Aids & Ebola, Nature, Accident or Intentional , he has rapidly become the alternative voice over a mainstream establishment dominated by chemical giants. In his 2004 book, DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, he goes closer to spirituality and our fundamental connection with Nature. Len Horowitz is nothing short of a giant in the mind, body and spirit genre. This program sees Dr. Horowitz interviewed and going in depth like never before.