Love & Dr. Devon (Unabridged)


Written By: Alan Titchmarsh

Written By: Alan Titchmarsh

Length:7 hour 59 minutes

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Audiobook Summary:It's not easy being a doctor, especially when your wife has run off in search of excitement and you're given the push from your practice for sticking up for your principles. Christopher Devon tries to make a new life and, after a bit of persuasion from his daughter, to meet a new woman. But how to find one? And how to placate a son who thinks you should never have split up in the first place? Dr Devon is not the only man with woman trouble. Tiger Wilson has been married just a little too comfortably for 30 years, and Gary Flynn is a serial womaniser who refuses to settle down. But during one month in spring, they are all about to have their lives turned upside down, and not just by women.